Healthy Marriage – Small Tips Making Big Impacts

All married couples begin their journey into this beautiful relationship with blissful weeks of romance. However, this honeymoon period eventually fizzles out when life gets back to its original pace.

This does not mean that the feelings of excitement and the butterflies experienced at the beginning of the relationship go away permanently. Just like any other part of life, marriage maneuvers its way through life’s ups and down.

While some marriages aren’t strong enough to make it through, others come out thriving. Small acts of service and commitment to your relationship are necessary to keep your marriage healthy. Here we have mentioned some healthy tips that can make a strong positive impact on your marriage:

Keep the Romance Alive

While big romantic gestures are common during the honeymoon period, they are often lost completely with time. This can hurt the marriage in the long term as not doing grand gestures later gives a perception that you might have lost affection for each other.

Small gestures like lighting candles at dinner, cooking together, eating meals together, surprising each other with flowers or romantic notes, all make a huge difference. Even small acts of service like folding their laundry, making coffee in bed or letting them sleep in on weekends says more than words.

Make Intimacy a Priority

Intimacy inside and outside of the bedroom is essential to show physical affection to each other. Often, couples with children put sex, cuddling, and intimate moments with each other on the back burner. This can be very unhealthy for the marriage and might cause friction.

So make it a priority to schedule some time for sex. You can even allocate time just for the two of you after putting your kids to bed. Spend this time with each other cuddling or having an intimate conversation.

Stop Aiming for Perfection

By rule of thumb, no relationship is this world is perfect or close to perfect. There are many moments when you two might not get along or agree. There are even moments where you will be on the brink of frustration.

This does not mean that the love you two fostered is gone. It simply means that you are experiencing a rough patch that you can get over by working with each other. Accepting this, aiming to stay as a team and putting effort into straightening kinks from your relationship is what will make your marriage healthy.

Schedule No-Screen Time

Screens of all kinds – laptops, tablets, computers, TVs, and cell phones – have changed our behaviors in the past few decades. In fact, we have been guilty at times of paying a screen more attention when someone was trying to talk to us. But this action is disrespectful to the other person.

This is why it is important that you put boundaries on screen time. Have an hour or two at night where all screens are off and you two can have a conversation attentively.

Check-In with Each Other

It often happens that you and your partner get busy in your fast-paced life and fall out of sync. The other might be having a hard time at work or might have something causing them stress, but not saying it out loud. This is why it is important that you regularly check in with each other and sort out any problem that might be putting a strain on your relationship.

By making small efforts and reminding each other of your affection, you can keep your marriage healthy and the romantic excitement alive.



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