christians Marriage Retreats





Six Flags is less than 40 minutes from the office.

Studies show that roller coasters release adrenaline which builds attraction to your partner



At Texas Marriage Retreats we help by catering your retreat,

IT’s your retreat.

We give you the tools to connect and then send you out for the day for fun in order for you to practices those skills then the next morning we do a little more counseling to help you fine tune the things we talked about

and right before you get too stressed out we set you up with a couple of personal massages.

We want to give you time to relax, slow down enjoy the scenery of the place your visiting. Texas Marriage Retreat, it’s as much vacation as it is counseling. We create opportunity to get to know you so when you go home we can continue the counseling on-line using a secure HIPPA complaint computer Skyping

christians Marriage Retreats or marital therapy can refer to either or some combination of the above.

The methods may differ in other ways as well, but the differences may indicate more about the counselor/therapist’s way of working than the title given to their process. Both methods also can be acquired for no charge, depending on your needs. For more information about getting the care that may be required, one should make a call to a local hospital or healthcare professional.

A christians Marriage Retreats for Deepening Intimacy and Communication