Q: What dates are available?

A: TMR has retreats almost every weekend. It’s easier if you find a date that you want, then call us to see if that date is available. Find a couple of dates that you have in mind for a retreat. Our calendar changes quickly so if you call with a date then call back two week later, that date could be gone.


Q: Where do we stay?

A: At TMR we have a room for you at the retreat center free of charge.


Q: Are meals provided?

A: No, we provide some snack items in the room but we want you adventure and create conversation over meals.


Q: Are their good places to eat?

A: Yes, Enjoy the best, unique dining experience and charming small town ambiance available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The local shops and restaurants enjoy welcoming shoppers and diners.


Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: No, insurance companies will not pay for intensive therapy.


Q: How much does a retreat cost?

A: The cost of the retreat depends on if you choose one counselor or two. See more


Q: Why is it so expensive?

A: The ol’ saying “good stuff isn’t cheap and cheap stuff isn’t good” is true about counseling. When you compare what we offer and the price to other marriage retreat companies TMR is a fair price.


Q: Are your retreat group or individual?

A: TMR sees one couple at a time. This helps us insure privacy and we can really hone into your situation.


Q: What is your success rate?

A: If only intimate relationships were all alike, we could give you a conclusive answer.  Unlike buying a car, the Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat come with no guarantees.  But we can give you some guidelines for who benefits from them the least and the most: There is one element that every couples therapist knows they are helpless to change: Motivation. We can help you remember why you got together. We can help you appreciate your partner’s better side. We can help you to get to know one another more intimately again, and strengthen your Fondness and Admiration system. But goodwill, forgiveness, and a willingness to give it another chance or a “Last Shot,” is something only each of you can decide. And that’s the mystery that remains in all of this science, and we’ve seen it: Why does this perfectly functional marriage appear to crumble when all it takes is a bit of goodwill? Why does this “disaster” of a relationship succeed when all they have going for them is Goodwill?