Most Marriage Retreats


Most marriage retreats leave you feeling that you had more lecture than counseling.

Standard group retreats take 18 to 20 hours of your weekend and you never get to talk about your problem.



Most Marriage Retreats

You want help with your marriage but only sit, listen and read about general problems that have very little to do with your marriage.[spacer height=”5px”]

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What you want to do is talk about your problem, your marriage, your solutions and tools to help you with your unique situation. Most marriage retreats instead you sit in a stuffy conference room and read out of a generalized manual.


At Texas Marriage Retreat we help by catering your retreat.

It’s your retreat.

We set you up with a counselor or counselors to talk about your marriage. We assess the strengths and opportunities of your marriage and tailor a retreat to work on the things that apply specifically to you. Since you are the only couple in the room, you get to focus on the things that are important to you in a comfortable private setting that is designed to minimize stress. We even offer a couple of personal massages by a licensed massage therapist. 

We want to give you time to relax, slow down and talk to someone about your problem. Texas Marriage Retreat, it’s marriage counseling at it’s finest. We create opportunity to get to know you so when you go home we can continue the counseling on-line using a secure HIPAA complaint computer Skyping