Marriage Counseling

 Marriage counseling problems are rampant and many couples are seeking marriage therapy or marriage retreats to fix their marriage.  Does this sound like you? Are you looking for someone who understands your relationship?  Do you want to break through the barriers to change more quickly than with traditional marriage counseling? Would you describe your relationship in the following ways…


My Spouse…

doesn’t listen or understand

works too much

doesn’t communicate

can’t let it go

feels guilty all the time

is distant

doesn’t pay attention


Our Relationship…

is rocky

lacks spark and oomph

has become sexless 

feels like we are roommates

has become mostly about the kids

is not satisfying

is headed for divorce



 We want…

to feel in love again

to stop the fighting

to communicate better

to have fun together

to experience deeper intimacy

to enjoy sex

to have a healthy relationship.

Marriage counseling is hard work.  Sometimes you need someone to partner with you to help find solutions that work.  Texas Marriage Retreat counselors, Ron and Lexie Lee, are equipped to help even the most challenging of couples to work towards deeper connections and a more satisfying relationship.  We will help you design a weekend that can turn the tide towards a better tomorrow.  Our marriage retreats is unique in its intensity because we offer two counselors for every couple and you are the only couple for the entire weekend.