You tired of getting advice from your friends, the self-help books, even your pastor, but your relationship just doesn’t seem to get any better. At Texas Marriage Retreat we help you get away from some of the influences that don’t seem to help you get anywhere. You are set up in an environment that allows you to relax, slow down and talk to professional marriage counselors. Marriage counselors who have been trained and have worked with many couples struggling with problems that could be similar to yours. Couple’s counseling can seem like a very scary thing. It is almost like going to the principal’s office. You feel like two little kids pointing the finger at each other saying, “they started it”. The idea of sitting in front of a stranger and airing out your problems can be terrifying. It’s scary because you’re not sure what the couple’s counselor is going to say. What we are NOT going to do is find a way to place blame on who did what. What we ARE going to do is to help you figure out what you really want. Do you want to be married? Do you want to learn better communication skills? Do you want to find a way to hold those difficult conversations without them escalating into a fight? The couple’s counselor at Texas Marriage Retreat is never going to tell you to get divorced or that you have to stay together. We help you sort through your feelings, increase understanding of where your spouse is coming from and then come up with a plan of action. At Retreat we hate divorce, which means we work extra hard to help you save your marriage. Our main goal is to help you figure out what you want to do. Studies show that when people change their environment they also change their perspective. Changing your perspective is critical when it comes to marriage counseling because you start thinking in a different way. Texas Marriage Retreat allows you to see a situation through someone else’s eyes. Why is this important, you ask? When you walked into the chapel to get married you believed that this person was your perfect soul mate and this person will make you happy the rest of your life. After you have been married for a couple of years, you realize that you have different ideas about money, children, roles within the relationship and sex. When these things start to happen, you start to feel unhappy, unneeded and unloved. When you start to feel that your needs are no longer being met by the person you feel God has placed within your life to meet them, a wide array of emotions begin to come about. Since you don’t know what to do with these new, negative emotions regarding the one you felt God placed in your life, you start to wonder and doubt if this person is the one that God meant you to be with. Here’s the truth, marriage is not about happiness, it’s about making you holy. Sometimes, when we are in uncomfortable, undesired places it strengthens us as an individual and compels us to grow. We expect our spouse to meet our needs. At least, this is what we think is going to happen when we first get married. However, as time goes by, expectations and needs change. Couples’ counselors help by sitting down with you and your spouse to hold these conversations regardless of how uncomfortable they may make you feel. Couple’s counseling is about helping you define your expectations within your marriage. Couples’ counseling, in general, has an 86% success rate, which is something to feel very optimistic about. When you go on a retreat, it is like going on an adventure and when you are on an adventure, you are more likely to hold on to what you are familiar with, which would be your spouse. The excitement that comes from going on an adventure combined with a Christian couple’s counselor, creates an environment that allows you to heal, regroup, do some soul-searching and figure out what you and your spouse are looking for. The fear you feel about Texas Marriage Retreat combined with the new environment helps create brain chemicals which will help you re-bond.