About us we are Christian intensive retreat is an amazing opportunity that allows your marriage to be all that you hoped and needed it to be. A experience of a life time, offered exclusively to facilitate in-depth relational transformation and restoration.

The place – a delightful cabin in a lovely meadow just minutes

The time – A three day intensive, in which couples, are helped to identify core marital issues and learn ways to obtain win-win solutions.

The process places emphasis on personal responsibility, communication skills with an understanding of each others unique history, personalities, and individual needs. In addition, about us counseling focuses on hot button dynamics to help heal painful relationship struggles and restore harmonious love.

Since we practice a couple-to-couple approach we are able to provide a balanced gender perspective, so each of your voices are heard and understood. In an atmosphere of safety, comfort, and privacy you will be able to open up to each other in new and unexpected ways.

The outcome – You will feel God’s love coming to heal your hearts and troubled marriage. As you experience healing, you’ll be able to let go of past pain and disappointments.

Through practice you will gain practical tools necessary to create and maintain a future of love and happiness. About us want to work with you in fulfilling life’s greatest adventure – two unique individuals that know how to move as one. Heaven’s best for you and your marriage is imparted and has to be learned. Unite in a journey of a lifetime in a couple-to-couple retreat.