Marriage is a journey with many rich moments of happiness, sorrow, anger, rage, and mostly unconditional love. But it would be arrogant and nonsensical to assume that the entire journey would be either smooth or only rocky. The reality is that every healthy marriage has a balance of every moment. In fact, God will test the couple with extremely tough situations where the couple might get on the brink of breaking. But a healthy marriage will always pass through the choppy waters, overcome their problems and survive with a stronger marriage. But what is a healthy marriage? You might wonder about the signs of a godly marriage, especially if you are single, dating or newly married. We have identified the major signs that indicate a strong Christian marriage that is growing.

Open Communication

There is no shortage of studies and researches that have found communication and honesty to be the leading source of a healthy relationship. According to what God says in Ephesians 4:15, speaking the truth in love is the way to grow to be like Christ Himself. A Christian couple will honor this commandment and keep a flow of honest communication among them to continue growing their marriage into a healthy one.

Prioritizing God

Matthew 22:37-38 commands all humans to put the God of Jesus and Jesus first and love Him with all that we have. This is the biggest commandment, that when kept, identifies a true believer. The same rule applies to a marriage. If you look at successful Christian marriages, you will find both spouses to make God their first priority than each other. They understand the fact that God comes before everything and also the fact that their marriage is between God and themselves. While it is also important that spouses put each other first, it is of more importance that they keep God above all.

They Prioritize Each Other

Another verse in Mathew 19:4-5 indicates the importance of a marriage as it explains how a man leaves his parents’ homes to join a wife and become one flesh with her. From this we can understand that a marriage comes before other relationships after God. A simple explanation is that both spouses prioritize their relationship above other relationships and forsake those that might damage their union. In a situation where there might be some influence from outsiders, a Christian couple will listen not let it influence what their marriage holds true. For example, in case of an argument where a friend of one spouse tries to intervene and give their thoughts, a strong marriage deflects the influence and stays dedicated to their spouse.

Commitment to their Vows

We often see couples these separating and divorcing under those circumstances that they promised to stick by during their vows. For example, a young couple might separate due to one spouse not earning enough and other valuing finances over their promise to stand by each other. A strong Christian couple will try to understand each other and stay committed to their vows in the midst of any challenge. They will communicate with each other and try to find effective solutions. And if they are getting nowhere, they would often seek counseling from a reliable source. In short, they will remind themselves of the promises they made in front of God and give their best to fulfill them no matter what. Texas Marriage Retreat is also another way you and your spouse can find some quality time to spend with each other and work out some of the issues that your marriage is facing. Our affordable retreats offer activities and counseling during which you can further strengthen your relationship into a Godly marriage.