Everyone is leading a busy and stressful life nowadays that often results in neglecting loved ones. It can start taking a toll on your relationship, which is why it is essential to take time out to relax and connect with your partner. Spending some quality time with your loved one can rekindle the romance and bring you two closer. 

There are numerous ways to strengthen the bond between couples, including a marriage retreat in Austin to unwind, resolve issues, and improve communication. Here are some of the best ways to spend quality time with your partner

Identify the Signs

The key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner is to learn how to recognize the signs that you two might be drifting apart and not giving each other sufficient attention. Here are some telltale signs:

  • You feel unhappy
  • There haven’t been any date nights for a while now
  • There is a lack of connection
  • The arguments are increasing
  • You are often alone at important events
  • You focus more on work, hobbies, friends, or children than your partner
  • Phones and gadgets are prioritized more 

These telltale signs indicate that it is time for both of you to set aside time for each other and find ways to connect. 

Cook Meals Together 

Cooking a meal together is an excellent way to bond. Make it a point to dinner at least once a week together. Working as a team to create a delicious meal that you can enjoy together would be fun and fulfilling. Even if neither of you is a good cook, it can surely be a learning experience with plenty of laughter and amusement. 

Go on a Couple’s Retreat 

Marriage retreats have become a popular means for couples to reconnect and bond. It combines a short holiday with the added perks of learning the deeper purpose and meaning of your relationship. The benefits of a retreat can be felt even after returning home.   

You can book a couples retreat in Texas as a weekend getaway from the daily stressors. It is a great way of opening up, talking about unresolved issues, tackling challenging emotions, sharing your dreams and goals, and coming out stronger than ever. 

Have a Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are always a fun way of connecting with your partner. Make some popcorn, order a large pizza, prepare some drinks, and then snuggle in with your loved one for your favorite movie or even binge-watch a TV show. 

Adopt a Pet!

Taking care of an adorable puppy or cat together is surely an ideal way to spend some quality time. Nothing like being responsible for a furry friend to make you feel more connected with your partner. Your ‘baby’ would be a source of joy for the two of you and make you feel more like a family. 


Spending quality time with your partner by having a movie date, cooking together, or heading off to a marriage retreat out of  Austin will rekindle those sparks and encourage a healthier relationship. Texas Marriage Retreat offers a range of retreats, including Christian marriage retreats and intensive marriage counseling retreats to help you resolve issues and reconnect with one another.